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Why your company needs to go ahead to get certified for ISO 14001:2015 within the local Singapore market?

  1.    To satisfy BCA requirements for contractor up gradation from CW01CW02 to B1 and B2.

  2.    To reduce environmental prosecution risks – with no violation to Environmental Acts / Regulations.

  3.    To gain or retain market share by being amongst the Green Partners – as winning edge against competitors!

  4.    To project a clean and green corporate image among regulators, customers and public – an important marketing edge! – or to answer to customers’ and authorities’ demands.

  5.    To reduce cost of wastage – by finding ways to save resources . . . Hence reducing pollution & waste management problems – leading to profit improvement.

  6.    For Public-Listed Companies, To attract more social comfort & share investors (– with the backing of a sound environmental management system, and ‘green reporting’ – a positive move to please investors).

  7.    For sustainable development of an organization and its profit.