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Our Process for Training is Simple.

We help companies achieve the best possible outcome from the implementation of management systems.

1234  Our training services

We combine effective teaching methods including exercises, workshops, lectures and interaction. We will ensure that the attendees of our sessions are fully equipped in order to confidently implement the material they‘ve been provided with.

We ensure:

  • Training sessions are clear and the outcomes of the training are clear to those attending. You will know what you ought to achieve by the time you have completed the training.
  • Those attending are equipped with practical skills to help them address the challenges that they will face when implementing the management system.
  • Skills and knowledge transmitted during the training sessions undergoes verification through testing.
  • Your employees acquire practical skills and knowledge to help them drive growth within your company.



We offer a wide variety of options for training to meet different needs. We offer training to companies as well as the general public.

Public Courses

These training courses are offered to the general public. Anyone interested in deepening their knowledge in management systems is welcome to attend the sessions. The schedule of these sessions relies on our public training calendar. The design of our courses is such that they provide a general overview of the implementation of management systems.

Company Training

We offer training services to clients implementing management systems. These training sessions are more specific as they focus on meeting the specific needs and requirements of the company. Our assessors will tailor the training course to ensure that you are able to meet your company’s objectives through the training.



Reasons to train with us 


We offer training services for a variety of ISO standards. If you want training that meets your needs, we are the best consultancy to deliver the best results for you.

Experience and knowledge

Our trainers are not just any other trainers. They have vast industrial and assessment experience. They have not only worked in different industries but they are also excellent assessors. They therefore know what it means to implement a successful management system and they will provide you with the training that will ensure this.


n We believe in providing innovative solutions for everything including training. We will look for the best way to transfer knowledge and skills to your staff. Our aim is to ensure that your employees develop the practical skills needed for effective implementation of the management system.