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We Are an Accredited Organization.

We have the authority to certify organizations for management systems based on the ISO standards.

p0  Why choose our services

We are a well-known certification body. We have a reputation for excellence in ISO certification. Obtaining ISO certification from us is a great way to demonstrate to your customers and other stake holders your commitment to excellence.

There are several benefits to choosing us for ISO certification services.

  • Certification from demonstrates that your business is committed to excellence. It will demonstrate to your clients and customers that you run your business efficiently.
  • Our certification process ensures that you maintain a high level of excellence. Through surveillance audits, we will ensure that your management system is continually improving.
  • We will enable you to achieve a higher level of performance overall while cutting costs in certification. Our services are affordable even for small businesses on tight budgets.
  • Our services are about more than obtaining certification. We will provide you with reports that provide you with invaluable insight into improving the performance of your operations.


Effective management systems 

Our certification services are about more than simply awarding companies ISO certificates. We are committed to ensuring that the businesses we audit have fully understood the benefits of an effective management system that they can benefit from.

We ensure that your management system will:

  • Provide you with access to a greater marketplace by removing barriers in trade. This means that we will ensure that your management system meets internationally accepted standards.
  • Protect the reputation of your brand by providing high quality services and products.
  • Increase stakeholder and customer satisfaction.
  • Help you reduce costs.
  • Improve the level of operational efficiency.
  • Help you manage your social, financial and environmental risks.


Our process

Our certification process is simple.

  • Contact us to get the process started. Let us know what standard you want to get certification for.
  • We will provide you with a breakdown of the time that will be involved in the formal assessment as well as the costs. You will receive this breakdown after we get to know a little more about your company.
  • You will have a team assigned to you that will carry out the assessment. The team manager will be your dedicated account manager. You can contact him/her for any clarifications or information.
  • We will conduct a pre-assessment audit to determine where the gaps are. You will receive a detailed report on the issues that need to be resolved.
  • We will conduct an assessment in different stages. This depends on the standard under implementation.
  • We will then issue you with a certificate of registration that outlines the scope covered by the certification.
  • We carry out surveillance audits to ensure that you are still complying with the requirements of the standard.