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ISO 29990 is an internationally recognized standard, which sets the requirements for quality management for learning service providers for provision of non-formal education. It focuses on the key processes of your learning services, in pursuit of quality control. We will endeavour to create the structures for proper education and training, to help you develop a skilled workforce.

Areas of coverage of ISO 29990 includes

No area of your business will be left untouched; we will cover everything by developing a detailed plan.

  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Design & Provision of Learning Services
  • Documentation & Record Management
  • Financial & Risk Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Learning Needs Analysis
  • Monitoring & Evaluation by Learning Service Providers
  • Preventing Learning Service Deficiencies


This means that not only will your internal business structure be improved but so will your communications with external stakeholders, creating a more efficient process overall.


We provide ISO 29990 Certification, ISO 29990 Consultant, ISO 29990 Consultancy for institutions providing training services on different kinds of subjects.

The ISO 29990 requirements, which will be included in implementation, are

Scope: It covers basic requirement for provider of learning services in non-formal education and Training main focus on
a) Learning Services
b) Management of Learning service provider
Section A

1. Determining learning needs
2. Designing of learning services.
3. Provision of Learning services
4. Monitoring of learning services
5. Evaluation of services carried by the provider
Section B 

Management of Learning service provider
1. General requirement.
2. Strategy in business management.
3. Management review.
4. Preventive & corrective action.
5. Financial & Risk Management.
6. Human Resource, Communications, Resource allocation, Internal audit and
stack holder feedback.

Documents, Manuals, Internal audit on ISO 29990 shall help organisations to harness the best out of this International standard.