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How Many Policies or Procedures are Required in the New ISO 9001:2015 Standard
Documented Information for ISO 9001:2015 With the ISO 9001:2015, many companies are still asking themselves what documentation is required. Back with the 2008 release, most companies were comfortable ...
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What is the Return On Investment (ROI) on Quality ?
Small and medium scale industries in the Singapore market usually split the quality costs into four areas: Prevention Costs: The money spent on preventing issues from occurring such as training, creat...
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What is Annex SL?
Annex SL is an ISO document that defines a high level structure [HSL] for the framework of a generic management system. It was first published by ISO’s Technical Management Board (TMB) in 2012 and the...
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Why your company needs to go ahead to get certified for ISO 14001:2015 within the local Singapore market?
   To satisfy BCA requirements for contractor up gradation from CW01CW02 to B1 and B2.    To reduce environmental prosecution risks – with no violation to Environmental Acts / Regulations.    To gain ...
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